About Us

WELCOME to the exciting new online edition of Local Women Sport, the one-stop destination for coverage of local female sport, health and fitness.

Local Women Sport provides a truly all-Ulster service with our hugely popular, all action NI coverage now extending to Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan in this new online service.

Sportswomen and their clubs from these three steeped-in-sport counties will feature alongside our usual comprehensive coverage of Northern Ireland women’s sport at all levels.

Female sporting activities and events across nine counties will now be given a platform as Local Women Sport expands, not just territorially, but also online on our social media channels and website.

Check us out at www.localwomensport.com, on Instagram, Facebook and our App as we once again raise the bar for female sports coverage.

There you will be able to engage directly with us, tell us what you want us to cover and share story ideas.

It’s an exciting development as the Local Women Sport success story enters a new chapter.

As we grow and grow, our ever increasing contribution to the promotion of female sport, health and fitness is reflected in our even larger audience.

Local Women Sport exists to highlight the sporting exploits of local women, covering all aspects of women’s sport, fitness and leisure activities..

Individual, club, country, elite and amateur… schools and backroom… we will chart your success stories and aspirations, share your life experiences and make you smile with our feelgood features and columns.

With your help, if it is happening in women’s sport locally, you will find it at localwomensport.com, so do get in touch.

We thank you, our new and existing followers, for your continued support and ideas.

Jim Gracey